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VPN- (Virtual Private Network) The What and Why It's Important!

A Virtual private Network, or VPN for short, is an online protective service. This allows for you, the user, peace of mind when navigating the web. Every time you visit a website or are simply browsing the internet there are entities out there tracking your searches. So let me ask you this, Do you feel safe when browsing at home? and do you feel safe when connecting to other WiFi's outside of your home? (i.e. Local coffee shop, Airlines, Restaurants, etc.). It's hard to say yes to the second question simply because we don't know who's watching us after we connect with our smart phones or laptops. So let's change that!

How does a VPN work?

Think of a VPN as a water pipe, for example, right now without a VPN service the water pipe is busted. What that means is even sitting at home on your own WiFi on websites you trust, there are those entities out there able to see what you have been up to, who have access to your personal information. Information such as emails, passwords, address's, phone numbers, banking information, and anything else deemed private. This occurs every time you go online. A VPN will fix that pipe and keep your information secure and only available to your eye's. Yes, even a VPN service does not have access to your information.

Why is it important?

So you know how you can change the name of your personal WiFi at any given moment? Just logon to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and simply change it to "Nacho WiFi" or "Funny WiFi Name". Well, what about your local bars WiFi? There is virtually no way to tell if that ISP you connected to at the bar really is "LUCKY's Bar WiFi" and it truly is a secure, non-tapped, ISP! Now once you've connected to it, you now are playing a gamble of potential identity theft. I personally wouldn't want to go through that hassle and I'm willing to bet you aren't to keen on that either.

Home WiFi has its cons as well, sure it is way safer than publicly used WiFi's, but now tack on the fact that your ISP is watching you too. Your own Internet Provider is able to see what and where your'e surfing the internet, What this entails is that your ISP can collect whats's called Anonymized Data from you and turn around and sell it. A VPN will protect that from happening, Turn it on and its almost as if you've disappeared altogether. The VPN service has Servers all around the world you are capable of jumping to for privacy and security, like say out of the United States. Just hop on over to an out of states server and voila your worries of being watched online are gone.

Keep in mind that firewalls, password protection services, and services like Norton Security are great to have! A VPN can help complete a well rounded arsenal of protection so that you can browse and connect worry free and that's something I prefer to have.

What VPN Service should I use?

Most VPN services today are made with protection in mind. All, if not, Most have the necessary means to keep you safe on the internet and when you connect to WiFi. Here are some links to two I personally like if you want to get one as soon as possible!

VPN Services: click the Images to go to the VPN sites!

Thank you for reading!

I hope this informed you on the what and how a VPN works!

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